Mediadesign díj az A38 Hajó médiaportfóliójáért A Kreatív magazin díjátadója

Medidesign díjátadó

Project description | A38 Ship has applied Mediadesign Awards, founded by Kreatív, the leading magazine of the creative industry in Hungary, in two categories. In the ‘Integrated Media Portfolio’ category, A38 has won the Golden Prize for the outsanding visual consistency of its magazine, website, flyers and social media platforms. Find more info here

My role | Concept, briefing, supervising, application, holding champagne
Art director | Tóth Andrej
Digital art director | Polgár Péter ‘Rozmy’
Project manager | Berta Zsuzsi
YouTube expert | Bodrogi ‘Bozán’ András
Branding advisor | Kacskovics Attila

Laibach az A38 Hajón Promóciós vírusvideó | Promo virus trailer

Project description | Renowned Slovenian industrial rock band and artist group Laibach made their performance at A38 Ship on 16 April, 2014. The main aim of the campaign was to raise awareness about the gig and to summarize briefly the band’s story and its historical impact on the Central European culture. Strongly alluding Laibach’s well-known liaisons and affairs with the Nazi symbols and externalities, this virus video based on the popular Hitler meme (a scene taken from Oliver Hirschbiegel’s Downfall), and narrates the Laibach band members’ doubts about the forthcoming Budapest gig.

My role | Concept, copywriting, re-editing
Promoter | Bende Zsuzsa

MasterCard Mobile at A38 Ship Awareness campaign for mobile payment

MasterCard Mobile at A38

Project description | As a part of a long term partnership, A38 offers the possibility for clients and concert-goers to purchase tickets by MasterCard Mobile payment method. We initiated an awareness campaign via indoor and online elements (eg. indoor posters, flyers, newsletter and website alerts, social media posts etc.) to raise the willingness to purchase by smartphone apps. The headline (Do you go to gigs with your mobile?) ironically refers to the key visual photo which depicts a more and more common moment when the fans rather use their cellphones than enjoy the performance.

My role | concept, briefing, copywriting, media planning
Art director | Tóth Andrej
Photography | Somay Márk
Project manager | Lozsádi Dániel

A38 Magazine Havi programmagazin | Montly Programme Magazine

A38 magazin

Project description | A38 Magazine is a monthly, 20-24 pages, bilinguish (HU/EN), tabloid format newspaper. Its fanzine-like format evokes the golden age of indie music, when this kind of media bloomed. There are various and multiple genres in the magazine: reviews, interviews, photos, reports focusing mostly on the performers of A38 Ship. Download the first issue for more information

My role | concept, briefing, project management, supervision
Art director, typography | Tóth Andrej
Senior editor | Varró Eszter

Watch the trailer below

Bővül az A38 Hajó 2010 Brosúra | Brochure

Bővül az A38 Hajó

Project description | ‘Bővül az A38 Hajó’ (Expanding A38 Ship) is an informational brochure which contains detailed information about the architectural expansion of A38 Ship. The main aim of the brochure is to inform the decision-makers, event organizers, travel and advertising agencies about the conception, diverse possibilities, and technical equipments of the new areas. For more info download pdf file

My role | Concept, briefing, photography, copywriting, editing
Art director | Tóth Andrej
CAD blueprints | Váncza László