Mediadesign díj az A38 Hajó médiaportfóliójáért A Kreatív magazin díjátadója

Medidesign díjátadó

Project description | A38 Ship has applied Mediadesign Awards, founded by Kreatív, the leading magazine of the creative industry in Hungary, in two categories. In the ‘Integrated Media Portfolio’ category, A38 has won the Golden Prize for the outsanding visual consistency of its magazine, website, flyers and social media platforms. Find more info here

My role | Concept, briefing, supervising, application, holding champagne
Art director | Tóth Andrej
Digital art director | Polgár Péter ‘Rozmy’
Project manager | Berta Zsuzsi
YouTube expert | Bodrogi ‘Bozán’ András
Branding advisor | Kacskovics Attila

Halmos Béla Program Arculat | Identity

Halmos Béla Program logoProject description | As the most important governmental support programme, Halmos Béla Program ensures financial backing for the folk music in Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. Halmos Béla Program was established in 2017 and the reatively young organization needed a strong and demonstrative visual identity. We have found these elements in the colours of the national banner and the motifs of traditional Hungarian instruments and flower symbols.  For more info see the brand book

My role | Concept, briefing, supervising, project management
Art director | Tóth Andrej

Halmos Béla Program logo

Halmos Béla Program logo