Hétfőn Hét Hírlevél minden hétfőn hétkor | Seven on Mondays - Newsletter on Mondays at seven

Hétfőn Hét

Project description | A small personal project. Hétfőn Hét is a weekly newsletter, containing seven topics including Tér/Space, Kép/Pic, Ét/Eat, Test/Body, Föld/Earth, Fény/Light and Hang/Sound. Hétfőn Hét tries to be a thoughtfully curated craft content, gathered by hand. It will be delivered every Monday at seven o’clock in the morning. First issue was sent on 21 January. For more info visit hetfonhet.hu

My role | design, content curating

Mediadesign díj az A38 Hajó médiaportfóliójáért A Kreatív magazin díjátadója

Medidesign díjátadó

Project description | A38 Ship has applied Mediadesign Awards, founded by Kreatív, the leading magazine of the creative industry in Hungary, in two categories. In the ‘Integrated Media Portfolio’ category, A38 has won the Golden Prize for the outsanding visual consistency of its magazine, website, flyers and social media platforms. Find more info here

My role | Concept, briefing, supervising, application, holding champagne
Art director | Tóth Andrej
Digital art director | Polgár Péter ‘Rozmy’
Project manager | Berta Zsuzsi
YouTube expert | Bodrogi ‘Bozán’ András
Branding advisor | Kacskovics Attila

A38 Magazine Havi programmagazin | Montly Programme Magazine

A38 magazin

Project description | A38 Magazine is a monthly, 20-24 pages, bilinguish (HU/EN), tabloid format newspaper. Its fanzine-like format evokes the golden age of indie music, when this kind of media bloomed. There are various and multiple genres in the magazine: reviews, interviews, photos, reports focusing mostly on the performers of A38 Ship. Download the first issue for more information

My role | concept, briefing, project management, supervision
Art director, typography | Tóth Andrej
Senior editor | Varró Eszter

Watch the trailer below